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but actually i have no time
to write more words
or to check my english (Thanks to Bud for doing
a quick review)

It was not easy to find machines with all these
different PB Versions and some test files.
The one with 100 Mhz and PB5 was cool.
Yes! The old "debugger" runs nice and I detected
a bug in PB5. Or is it just a different behavior.
never mind...who cares....

Perhaps dw_ripper is a "one shot
" and someone else
grabs the idea for commercial use.

So I will try to review the source code and make
it public. Can I really? Is this allowed?

1998 was the first time I walked into the desert
of HexCode, looking into a PBL to inspect the part
where the Checkout-Flags broke down.. 
Then came e-crane and made a commercial product.
Too late for me, because I had to do other work.
They wrote this PBL-Repair kit.. ybrowser came
out and showed some hacking. Nice work!

Why the hell is the PBL File Format not published?

This year might be the year of truth....


A. Schmidt            23 Jan. 2003 (reviewed 2003/08)

Copyright (c) A. Schmidt, Germany